Augmented Reality Subway-Finding App Is Amazing

Augmented Reality is a buzzy term that gets thrown around a lot and tends to illicit yawns from yours truly. But this? This is awesome.

Nearest Tube, currently awaiting approval from the druids at Apple, turns the iPhone 3GS into a subway finder. Simply hold it up and you'll be able to see arrows pointing you to where you need to go overlayed on what you see in front of you.

It's amazing, but you can see where the trouble might be. What if it points you through a building? It's just going to point you in a straight line to where you need to go. If it took into account directions and could point you on an accurate, sidewalk-based route, well, that would be mindblowing. But this first version is cool enough to get excited about and cool enough to make me jealous of 3GS owners. [LA Times]

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