Apple Tablet Reportedly Priced Between iPhone And Cheap MacBook For 2010

Apple Insider's source claims that the Apple Tablet is coming in 2010—similar to the rumours we've already heard—but that it's coming at a price that's not too unreasonable.

The source says it's "expected to retail for somewhere between the cost of a high-end iPhone and Apple's most affordable Mac notebook", which means it's under $US999 but over $US299 (or $US599, if you're talking about unsubsidised phones).

Apple Insider also reiterates what we've known before, that it'll be 3G enabled, that it'll be around 25cm and be shaped like a large iPod Touch, and that Apple's not too happy with AT&T. Does this mean that the rumour that Verizon will carry the tablet is a good one?

And to add our own guesswork on top of this, the MacBook may actually be the name of this tablet. Why? We surmised that because Apple consolidated everything into the MacBook Pro family, there's no real room for the plastic white Macbook. Which is why the tablet is probably the new Macbook (or so we think). [Apple Insider]

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