Anime Iron Man Would Vaporise Robert Downey Jr's Ass

Of course this Iron Man anime is totally badass—Japan's made cartoons about dudes in robot suits for over 40 years. And of course, Iron Man is blowing up a bunch of other dudes in crazy robot suits.

That bad guy is creepy—like a cross between M. Bison and this dude I saw on the cover of an anime in Blockbuster when I was 5 and gave me nightmares for a while and Guyver.

The show's for the Japanese market by the animation giant Madhouse, so except for Iron Man looking like Iron Man and beating arse, it won't be a whole lot like the all-American Iron Man we know. Still, I seriously hope they consider re-importing it so I don't have to download fansubs.

But uh, don't <a href="even ask what they're doing to Wolverine. It's just better that way. [Topless Robot via Technabob]

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