A Whole Kitchen Squeezed Into A Small Island

What can we say? It's called the "Modern Space Saving Mini Kitchen" for a reason.

This otherwise standard, boring island's countertop slides out to stretch its surface area while revealing (cold?) storage, a sink and electric burners. Comparing this design to the layout of more than one of my tiny apartments, there's really no contest—this island is simpler, more space efficient and has a lot more eye appeal. I'd far rather work on an island than with my face pressed to cabinets, and there's enough surface area here to match most small kitchens.

Then again, keep in mind that you need to leave the open space for everything to unfold and the island fails to accommodate a simple toaster, blender, or even oven. So maybe existing designs don't have it all wrong even if they aren't quite as chic or idealistic. [Ensci via freshome via dvice]

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