10 Water Gadgets For The Hot And Pool-less

No beach? No problem. No pool? No problem. These 10 gadgets will still help you beat the heat in your own backyard.

AU: So this is what it would be like to live in a world without water restrictions?

The next best thing to a pool with a diving board is a water-logged Big Wave trampoline. Water, trampoline...what could go wrong? [Big Wave]

There are commercial water mortar toys, but they won't hold a candle in terms of firepower compared to one that you build yourself. This DIY version is easy to build, and it's a serious piece of water fightin' artillery. [Instructables via Link]

If you have a bit of an imagination, the Hydroglass shower is almost like snorkeling off of some pristine Caribbean island. Alllllmost. [Hydroco via Link]

Again, if you have some imagination, the Aquavolo can be like standing in a refreshing rainstorm on a hot summer day. It can also be like standing in a stream underneath a waterfall with a simple flip of the showerhead. [Bossini via Link]

It may cost $US1000, but this portable spa is still cheaper than most hot tubs and it can be drained and deflated quickly for storage. It also features five adjustable hydro-massaging jets and a 900W heating system that can be controlled with the push of a button. [Hammacher]

The Mr. T sprinkler I had as a kid did the job, but it is nothing compared to what I could have done with this remote controlled water cannon. It attaches to a standard garden hose and can shoot water up to 100 feet. And the best part is that it can be controlled wirelessly via remote control. It also includes three interchangeable nozzles to alter spray patterns. [Hammacher]

Slip 'n Slides are a classic alternative to the backyard pool, but with a little work you can easily put one together yourself. Check out the following link to see this extreme homemade version in action. [Link]

Start waging war against the heat first thing in the morning with a DIY alarm clock that wakes you up with a squirt gun. Hit the link for instructions on how to build one yourself. [Hack 'n Mod via Link]

You may not be able to get to the beach this year, but you can still simulate an underwater experience with the Umine projector. In addition to projecting sea-like waves, the Umine features sound effects that help immerse you in an ocean experience. [Himeya via Link]

If you are looking to save a little money on your water bill, a rain barrel is a smart way to power up your sprinklers and fill your water weapons. This particular 56-gallon rain barrel happens to be butt-shaped, which will no doubt open up a world of opportunity for hilarious diarrhea jokes. [Link]

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