10 Gadgets For Instant Game Rooms

Have you always wanted a game room but lacked the space? These gadgets will give you all of the fun without using up all of the real estate.

This compact games table is actually 20 games in one. [Argos Sports]

Pool tables can take up an entire room—a problem that can be remedied by installing it on a hydraulic lift that disappears under the floor. [YouTube and Link]

A good game room always needs a bar. This James Bond-esque custom version is hidden behind a wall-mounted HDTV in a revolving cabinet. [YouTube and Ballerhouse]

Like anything in a game room, you are going to need some space to install a ping pong table. This version features a mini table installed in a door frame that can be flipped up and down as needed. [tobiasfraenzel via Link]

If you are into a more robust ping pong experience, this modular table allows you to set up crazy games for up to 12 players. [Link]

Sure, a round pool table is going to take up space, but this version features a stripper pole add on that means you can scratch plans for a dedicated stripper section. [JM Billard via Link]

If you don't have the space (or the cash) for a full-size air hockey or foosball table, these palm-sized versions might fit the bill. The air hockey versions even feature a fan that keeps the puck elevated for a more realistic experience. [Link]

This billiard cue bench keeps all of your equipment tucked away and out of sight while providing additional seating in the room. [Pool Table Portfolio via Link]

If you are looking for a gaming experience that is a little more extreme, the N Range shooting system packs an actual firing range inside of an armoire. Using a special type of non lethal, low noise, low smoke round, users can fire their guns whether they are at home or the office (although I would strongly recommend against the latter). [Ballerhouse via Boing Boing Gadgets]

If you are going to have a coffee table in a game room, it might as well do more than just hold drinks. This version features an embedded Blu-ray player, 19-inch touchscreen and a PC. [Retro-Tech via Link]

Bonus gadget: Some couches pull out into beds. This particular couch happens to pull out into a snooker table. [Link]

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