Zeo's Personal Sleep Coach Plays Somnologist

If you're an insomniac like I am, instead of paying thousands of dollars for multiple sleep tests, the $US400 Zeo Personal Sleep Coach alarm clock comes equipped with nifty gadgets that'll help you self-diagnose.

When you go to bed, the Zeo requires you to wear a wireless headband that is able to read your brainwaves, then magically transmit the data back to an SD card hidden in your clock. In the morning, you can then transfer the findings into your PC, then upload the results to Zeo online, which will then give you a diagnostic of how well you sleep at night, and suggestions of what you can do to improve that sleep. Or I can just tell you why you can't sleep at night—it's either because of the never ending abundance of porn, or that uncomfortable headband, pressing down on your forehead, strangling your brain and messing up your hair. [Zeo via Technabob via DVice]


    Is there any way to get one of these in Australia? As an adapting polyphasic sleeper, I feel it would be invaluable to me...

    Yeah it would be real nice if we could get one of these in Australia. I been looking everywhere. Any idea where or how I can get one of these here?

    Hello I was wondering where I could buy a ZEO in australia or can I buy one from America

    Thanks Kind regards Ashley West

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