WSJ: Steve Jobs to Make Surprise Appearance At WWDC

He said he'd be back, he's allegedly been spotted at Apple's Cupertino campus, and Woz thinks he sounds fine. Now the WSJ is saying Steve Jobs—after nearly "starving to death"—might make it back in time for WWDC.

Yes, this is a Wall Street Journal report, but no, it's not at all official; in fact, it's classic Apple rumour:

Two people who do business with Apple said senior Apple managers have told them the company is now trying to coordinate Mr. Jobs's return with a product launch or public event.

The statements of these "people who do business" with Apple are then supplemented with some info about the new iPhone, which Jobs may unveil, from "people who've seen the device":

The new phone will look similar to last year's model but has more processing power and some new features like video editing.

That side of the story has been more-or-less taken for granted by other publications for a while now—it's the Jobs angle that matters here. It's been a while since we've had a good Jobsnote, and even if Schiller and co. did pretty well on their own, I think we're all ready for one. [WSJ]

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