Why the Original Wiimote Didn't Have MotionPlus

In the warm afterglow of E3's various motion-control debuts, Nintendo's MotionPlus Wiimote add-on—priced high and no longer ahead of the curve—isn't as enticing as it once was, leaving the company in defence mode. For example:

From Wii.com, an interview with Nintendo R&D's Junji Takamoto:

Iwata: I suppose the obvious question is: if it offers such huge advantages, why didn't you use it in the Wii Remote from the very start?

Takamoto: We actually looked into the idea of including a gyro sensor at the very start of the Wii Remote's development. But the idea was rejected due to issues of both space and cost which attaching a gyro sensor would entail.

Iwata: I see. But gyro sensors are measuring devices that have actually been around for a considerable amount of time, aren't they?

Takamoto: That's right. They were originally called gyroscopes and were used to measure angle and rotation speed in rockets and the navigation systems of ships. But they were very bulky instruments.

Iwata: They're fitted in the noses of airplanes as well, aren't they?

Takamoto: Right. That's the sort of size we're talking about. And let's not forget that they were also extremely expensive.

To which Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft has this to say:

You know what's also expensive? Buying all the peripherals Nintendo releases.

Perfect. [Wii.com via Kotaku]

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