Why Is Brando Selling A Tissue Holder That Has Obama's Face On A @%$#&*% KFC Bucket?!

I'm really, REALLY not understanding why Brando (purveyors of all things strange and gadgety) are selling a tissue holder in the form of a certain fried chicken bucket, let alone one WITH OBAMA'S FACE on it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

To top it off, the slightly stereotypical product has Obama dressed up like Colonel Sanders, and also features a coin bank for change. Sigh. Get it? One has to wonder whether or not they merely thought it was funny, or if they really just hate black America. And for the record, a Popeye's bucket, despite them frying up superior chicken, WOULD NOT have made it any better. But regardless, WTF!

Final verdict? THAT'S RAAAAAAAACIST! [Brando]

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