Vader Back Buddy Pack Still Not As Lame As Those Three Prequels

Way back in 2006, a young, eager Jason Chen brought the world word of a Yoda Back Buddy that mimicked the training scene from The Empire Strikes Back. Now Darth Vader, ever the envious Sith Lord, wants in on the action too.

Kind of demeaning for the ol' baddie, no? I mean, turning one of the most celebrated villains in cinema history into some kind of $US40 gimpy clinger-on... I mean, it's almost like an out-of-touch filmmaker taking a storied franchise, reshooting key scenes with poorly planned updates and cut footage from 1977, and then selling the resulting schlock back to us as if it were the second coming. I mean, if that actually happened. Did it?

But back on task. If this were an Anakin Skywalker Back Buddy, and it resembled Hayden Christensen, I might not be so critical. It'd be more fitting, is what I'm trying to say.

This Darth is available for pre-order and ships in August. [Star Wars Shop via OhGizmo]

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