Turn-By-Turn Navigation Now On Australian iPhones

Turn-By-Turn Navigation Now On Australian iPhones
sygicAussie iPhone owners can now ditch their dedicated satnavs thanks to a company called Sygic launching a turn-by-turn voice navigation app on the Australian App Store.

The app costs $80, so it’s much more expensive than all those fart apps that litter your menu screens, but nowhere near as pricey as a new standalone unit. On the upside, there aren’t any monthly fees or data usage – everything’s included in that price. The maps all come from WhereIs, who provide maps for both Garmin and TomTom, so in that regard you know you’re getting top quality mapping. It’s also got all the standard features like school zones, safety alerts and instant rerouting. It works in both landscape and portrait modes,

General feedback on the app store seems pretty positive as well which is a pretty good indication considering these people forked over 80 big ones before trying it. My only concern would be battery life – but if you can find a decent mounting solution for your car, that could take care of itself.

Has anyone played around with this yet? What are your thoughts?

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