Turn-By-Turn Navigation Now On Australian iPhones

sygicAussie iPhone owners can now ditch their dedicated satnavs thanks to a company called Sygic launching a turn-by-turn voice navigation app on the Australian App Store.

The app costs $80, so it's much more expensive than all those fart apps that litter your menu screens, but nowhere near as pricey as a new standalone unit. On the upside, there aren't any monthly fees or data usage – everything's included in that price. The maps all come from WhereIs, who provide maps for both Garmin and TomTom, so in that regard you know you're getting top quality mapping. It's also got all the standard features like school zones, safety alerts and instant rerouting. It works in both landscape and portrait modes,

General feedback on the app store seems pretty positive as well which is a pretty good indication considering these people forked over 80 big ones before trying it. My only concern would be battery life – but if you can find a decent mounting solution for your car, that could take care of itself.

Has anyone played around with this yet? What are your thoughts?

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    did anybody else notice that the image spells a major highway's name incorrectly?

      Hi guys, let me assure you that the maps in Sygic apps have correct spelling. We are sorry for this incorrectness - in the rush of preparation of the news - we had to do it within one morning - no one expected such a quick action from App Store:-) - we quickly 'fabricated' the image and a spelling mistake happened (don't we have 'ashamed smileys' somewhere here?). We have done the screenshots from real app, and replaced them also at App Store, too. Thanks very much for pointing it out, by the way.

    my final issue with the iphone is now solved, time to go and get me one

    Can we trust an app that spells the name incorrectly? Pricess Highway...really?

    I think I'll wait for a company I've actually heard of, to bring out their software, before forking out that much money on an app.

      I can't believe Giz have left out the best bit of this article...
      The software (on Symbian phones anyway) is called McGuider!!
      Surely that's good enough reason to buy!

      It's actually OK software.. (On Symbian)

    I'll be waiting for the TomTom package.
    That being said, good to see that developers have ponied up and are innovating in this area.

    If a similar app could use the Google map data for better integration with POI's, that'd be great.

    In the car i often find myself entering the name of a shop or etc into my iPhone Maps app to find the address, then entering that into my Garmin... two birds one stone anyone?

    Growing up, I thought it was the Princess Hwy. At least I could spell it though.

      Agreed, I can't stand it when people call it the Princess Hwy.

    I've bought it and it's good. Everything works really well. There's an issue with the volume that's easily solved and the voices are rubbish (I want a nice female voice). The only issue for me is that there are no speed or red light cameras warnings at all even though they advertise saftey cameras as included.

    Other than that it's great. I can only imagine what TomTom will cost.

    There's a few guys on the whirlpool forums who have been using it. Sounds pretty good but I'll hold out for the TomTom and cradle.


    There is a discussion on this at whirlpool.net.au

    It is a direct port from different devices. It uses teleatlas maps and they are apparently quite accurate even though some of the spellings are a bit off.

    People have complained about a couple of things:
    1. The default speaking volume is very low and can only be turned up when then navigator is speaking
    2. The music on the iphone turns off when the navigator is speaking but doesn't turn back on after the directions are given
    3. non-standard keyboard layout and a bit of clumsy menu system as it does not take into account the innovative iPhone multi-touch and gestures
    4. Maps are accurate and does not lag that much
    5. No text-to-speech except for some major roads

    Hope that helps some people

    I bought this app on Sunday and am pretty impressed with it so far!

    I turned it on and let it show me how to get from Parramatta to Sydney CBD routing via Canterbury and it worked brilliantly!

    Problems - the iPhone's GPS didn't like some parts of my dash, which caused some delays in routing... Not the apps fault however.

    When a call comes through, you obviously stop getting directions, although the app will automatically relaunch once the call is complete and continue on your route, once again, this is not the apps fault, but an iPhone problem...

    The app seems like a port from another device, so some things like zooming and such, are handled by on screen buttons rather than gestures, this IS the apps fault and I hope they can update, or at least make it an option.

    It calls a lot of the roads the wrong things when announcing (e.g. Stay on the S44, when referring to a main road) this is a minor problem as the correct name is shown on screen!

    I bought this as it was the first 'real' app available in the iTunes store... I might still purchase TomTom, but I am not desperately waiting for TomTom any more!

    You'll be able to use Google maps anyway, then cut & paste into your Nav solution :)

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