This Couch Turns Into A Snooker Table

This Couch Turns Into A Snooker Table

Plenty of couches pull out into beds, but how many of them pull out into snooker tables? Not enough, if you ask me.

Sure, your mother-in-law won’t be able to sleep on it when she comes to visit, but is that such a bad thing? I mean, how versatile a piece of furniture is this? It can turn your living room into a game room in about 30 seconds.

Seriously people, why is this an antique and not something we all own? I want an air hockey couch, and I want it now! Let’s make this happen!

You have never seen the like – a truly unique sofa that converts into a 6ft pool table! Produced as a collaboration between Pierce upholsterers of Accrington and Riley, the famous pool and snooker table manufacturers, this is an exceedingly rare piece, and if not a prototype, then it was produced in a very limited quantity.

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