The Right Stuff: NASA's Strange Attempt to Dethrone Gatorade

Apparently robot missions to Mars are now passe, because NASA's gotten into the business of making electrolyte-packed sports drinks and naming them after Tom Wolfe books

According to MedGadget, The Right Stuff is a new NASA-developed electrolyte drink designed to quickly replenish and regulate the body's hydration levels after heavy workout or illness. It's also portable, calorie-free and comes in various fruit flavors, or unflavored. And you know it has to work, because NASA packed their press release full of highly technical terms. Isotonic formulations? Extracellular body fluid volumes? THAT'S CRAZY! (...and effective?)

CrunchGear says a 10-pack will run you about about $US27, but I think I'll save some money and continue to dehydrate myself with a 12-pack of Coors Light, thank you very much. [NASA via MedGadget via Crunch Gear]

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