The Home Servidor: A Server We Can See Sitting On Castro's Desk

Which brand goes best with your new home server: The popular Cohiba, or the unvarying mellowness of a Macanudo? I ask because this is the kind of question you'll deal with once you install a Home Servidor.

Created by software developer Donavon West, the Home Servidor is a small home server that sits in the bowels of a fully functional humidor.

The case is made from cedar, and the glass lid covers a tray for more than a dozen cigars. Below that is another glass panel, which serves to protect the server's innards from the cigar-friendly humidity and moisture provided by the humidor.

Like the case, the server itself is also custom built. There's an Intel Atom 330 dual core processor, 2GB of memory, room for two internal SATA drives, space for two external USB drives expansions, Gigabit wired Ethernet and Windows Home Server.

Pricing begins at $US800, and that includes 1TB of storage.

But those nights on the porch, the ones where you're sipping some single malt Scotch and puffing a stogy while the Home Servidor pumps out mild tunes into the cool evening air? Those are free. [Baltimore Sun via Born Rich]

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