Tent Leeches Solar Power While Campers Leech Your Wi-Fi

Even if this tent were just a tent, it's fashionable enough to seriously covet. But because it's a concept with ubertech, the tent produces enough electricity to power a small town and connects to the internet wirelessly.

Telecommunication firm Orange's latest eco tent concept exploits photovoltaic fabric to produce energy without bulky, inflexible solar panels. This power feeds gadgets that are stored in a magnetic induction pouch, and also drives a flexible LCD screen with wireless internet.

The connectivity extends beyond the tent itself, however, as SMS or RFID can be deployed at any time to light up the tent, identifying your campsite (potentially, from afar). We're also guessing that the tent would obnoxiously pulsate any time you got a call to the rhythm of your ringer (Orange, feel free to use that idea, on us).

Who knows what Orange would charge for a monthly 3G tent subscription, but if you camped a WHOLE LOT... [Orange via DVICE via Bornrich]

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