Sleep In A 747 Cockpit For $US420

I loved the Swedish 747 Jumbo Hostel, not because it was Swedish, but because it's funky to have a hotel in an aeroplane. Here is how it looks inside, including its $US420 cockpit suite.

Except for the cockpit room, the rest of the rooms are low cost, which in reality is quite expensive: $US45 to share a room with other male or female guests, or $US122 for an individual room. In both cases, you have to share toilet and shower. You know, it's like having all the inconveniences of flying—and more—but without the possibility of crashing.

And here you can see it in a video:

I'm curious, but for those prices, I would rather go sleep in a hotel room with its own bathroom—and keep having sex in actual flights. [Jumbo Hostel]

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