Sasers: Turns Out, Soundwaves Can Kill

Using sound lasers as a means of crowd control isn't new, but never until now has one been able to create sounds reaching terahertz frequencies—and now it has a name: Saser.

Signaling the dawn of the true saser era, physicists from the UK and Ukrain have broken the terahertz sound barrier produced using a sound laser. Unlike lasers that shoot photons in a tight, beam of light, sasers are able to emit dispersed vibrations in high frequences of sound waves, creating nausea and confusion when used on humans. As of now, the latest and most powerful Saser has proven to be able to produce phonons—some quantum-level measurement of vibration that could (one day) be used to cure cancer or shoot enemies, among other things—in distant objects. These early tests of the Saser reveal its potential of one day being able to make someone explode, from the inside out, using just a handful of terahertz—similar to what would happen to your brain at a Hannah Montana concert. [New Scientist]

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