Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Here's the stuff that we didn't post today. (Until now, obviously.)

• Paul Kinny's stereo acoustic guitar doesn't just look like it's suffering from a massive case of elephantiasis, it also seems like a load of BS. Building in two resonating boards with two separate sound holes on either side of the player's head is a creative innovation, and yes, it would produce some kind of "natural chorus" effect, as the maker says. But pro classical guitarist Leonard Grigoryan (above) could only go so far as to call it "interesting," and at times too loud. When it comes to guitars, we take that single central hole in an acoustic six-string as seriously as we take the Tobacco Sunburst paintjob on a vintage Les Paul. [Gizmag]

• Turns out, the matte finish on that 3GS might really have come from Apple Inc. The FCC code seen on the leaked shots is exactly the same as the one on the final approved phone. But what does it mean for us? As John Gruber implies, it was either a red herring used to sniff out leakers internally, or a pulled plug of a design idea. Either way, it's nothing to us. [Daring Fireball]

• The light glove is a wannabe music maker that uses LED readings from your fingers to identify the notes you want to pick. It pretends to be a real instrument, when it's really more of a gesture controller with too few "buttons" to be useful for anything but Guitar Hero. Wait a minute? Air Guitar Hero? Nah, it'll never work. Seriously, it will never work. [Gearlog]

• The photon-powered nanometer sounds like a neat idea. It's a spring-loaded molecular machine that, locked down in darkness, pops up when light hits it. I only have two problems with it: 1) Who's gonna push it back down again once it pops up? And 2) it sounds like I'd need a few million to propel anything interesting, like a case of beer, the ashes of a Gonzo journalism legend, or a live cow. [Gizmag]

• Speaking of photon power, what's with this kid building a whole solar-powered diorama on his graduation cap? Kid, school's over—you can stop working it for extra credit. Drink a beer, jeez. [Hackaday]

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