Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

...Steve Jobs' Liver on eBay...A 1TB Xbox...More iPod Touch 3 Case Sightings...Space Shuttle In Pounds and Inches...

• Someone tried to sell what they claimed was Steve Jobs' liver on eBay. "Apple fans in Tennessee were camped outside the hospital and somehow managed to intercept this valuable piece of bio-waste." It was a clever spiel, but as Sean Fallon would say, it was not safe for lunch. eBay yanked the listing, but we screengrabbed it first.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Steve's health—and who isn't?—some jagoff marketing professor decided to accuse him of illegally withholding information from stockholders. Doesn't he know that SEC laws aren't real laws? He would if he was a law professor or a finance professor. Besides, the smartest harrumphers did their harrumphing back in January. [Cult of Mac]

• A UK site ran a "rumour" with absolutely no attempt at citing a source, suggesting that the next Xbox 360 package, whenever it appears, will have a 1TB drive. So it's really just speculation, and kinda boneheaded speculation at that. Sure, there will be 2.5" 1TB drives in 2010, but it's not going to be the first thing on the Xbox team's wishlist. Or the third or the fifth. [TechRadar UK]

• Remember that iPod Touch 3 case from last night's Remainders? It surfaced again. On some other Chinese accessory site. In red! That must make it real. Or still not. Fun fact: If you save the picture yourself, you can use Photoshop's Hue/Saturation tool to make it any colour you want! [DealExtreme]

• Turns out, the reason NASA still uses pounds and inches to measure stuff on the Space Shuttle is that it would cost about $US370 million, potentially as much as an entire shuttle mission, to convert everything over. (Incidentally, the Space Shuttle with its accompanying fuel tank and boosters weighs 4.5 million pounds at launch and measures about 2200 inches top to bottom, and to this day nobody can say how many metric kilothingies that is.) [Slashdot]

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