Pixar's Up! In 120 Frames

If you didn't know it yet, Up! is a cinema masterpiece. Inspiring storytelling, which captures the essence of the best Frank Capra and Billy Wilder. The script made me cry and laugh. The cinematography made my head spin. Here's the whole movie in 120 frames. SPOILERS WARNING

Click on the image to enlarge at 1400 px wide. Don't click if you don't want to see details about the movie, even while the frames are pretty abstract on their own.

This is the final colour script for the movie, drawn by the genius of Pixar's Lou Romano. This script is used to set the lighting of the scenes, so the computer artists can get the mood right. They are complemented by the colour scripts, which are very stylized strips that help set up the tone through the movie:

Check out Lou's site. It's full of amazing art—I wish I could buy the final colour script as a poster—for this amazing movie. If you haven't seen Up! yet, go and enjoy it. You won't regret it. I really thought they didn't make them like these anymore. [Lou Romano via NY Mag—Thanks Rebecca]

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