Peregrine Overpowers the Power Glove, May Actually Work

Like the beloved Nintendo Power Glove, Peregrine is essentially a glove-shaped controller, though for the PC this time. It can recognise about 30 gestures (touching a finger to thumb, or finger to palm, for example) and recognise them as hotkeys.

Peregrine is manufactured by a company also named Peregrine, and their namesake USB glove was shown off this year at E3, featuring a removable USB "pod" on the top of the hand (see above pic) that makes it easy to disconnect the glove before removing it from your hand. It's due for release in late fall 2009 at a $US129 price point, though it's not available for pre-sale at the moment. It might work well for certain MMORPGs, enabling quick casting of spells or whatever goes on in those games as a sort of numpad alternative. Those who've used it say it actually works quite well and doesn't feel flimsy, so despite its relatively high pricetag it might find a niche audience. [PC Mag]

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