Panasonic Giving Away A Wii With Plasma Purchases (Again)

You know what really sells TVs? Free stuff. Like getting a free smaller TV when you buy a big one. Or a Nintendo Wii with the purchase of a Panasonic plasma.

This isn't the first time Panny have given away Wiis with Viera purchases. But it obviously worked for them last time, because they're going it again. The promo began on Saturday (June 27, and will end on August 2 2009.

The TVs eligible for the promotion are as follows:

Model RRP TH-65PZ850A 65-inch Full HD 1080p $11,999 rrp TH-58PZ850A 58-inch Full HD 1080p $7,699 rrp TH-P50G10A 50-inch Full HD 1080p $3,799 rrp TH-P46G10A 46-inch Full HD 1080p $3,299 rrp TH-P42G10A 42-inch Full HD 1080p $2,749 rrp TH-P50S10A 50-inch Full HD 1080p $3,399 rrp TH-P46S10A 46-inch Full HD 1080p $2,899 rrp TH-P42S10A 42-inch Full HD 1080p $2,449 rrp

It's not quite free though – the Wii is only valid via redemption, and you'll have to drop $25 to cover postage and handling. It's still better than the Wii's $400 asking price, I guess.

You can get more info from Panasonic's promotion page below.


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