Nokia N97 Hits Stores This Month, Price Still TBC

Nokia are finally shipping their flagship handset, the N97 to over 75 countries this month, including Australia. Symbian fans: Get ready to drop some cash.Pricing is still yet to be determined, and carriers are still yet to be announced, but what is known is that the homescreen will be completely customisable, and the N97 will be the first handset to ship with the new Ovi App store preloaded.

The other thing we know is that even though pricing isn't yet set, it's going to be a pricey handset. If we use the last two N series handsets as a guide, then we're looking at over a grand to buy the phone outright. Ouch.

Obviously we'll share any pricing info as and when it's announced - in the meantime, it might be worth saving your pennies...

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