New Blu-Ray Disc Factory Opens In NSW

Blu-ray Yesterday Sony opened a brand new Blu-ray disc plant in Huntingwood, NSW. Could this mean cheaper Blu-ray discs for the masses?

The plant features three lines for creating Blu-ray discs – one exclusively for PS3 games and two for movies. It's the only plant in the southern hemisphere, and is capable of producing 12 million discs every year.

It's probably unwise to presume that the opening of this plant will translate to cheaper Blu-ray movies and PS3 games straight away. After all, creating a factory to make the next generation discs wouldn't have been cheap, and Sony's going to want to try and recoup some of that money before they start cutting prices. But ultimately, as more and more discs are available on the market, it's safe to assume the days of $50 Blu-ray movies will die the painful death they deserve...

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