NASA Wants To Blow Up Part Of The Moon To Search For Water

NASA launched a lunar satellite into orbit today, which will fire a rocket booster at 9,000kph into a Moon crater, causing a six-mile-high explosion. They hope to find water in the Moon's south pole. But I find this deeply disturbing.

You savages may be all excited that they want the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite to launch a Centaur rocket into the moon. Buthas anyone really stopped to consider how the Moon (not to mention Ignignokt and Err) feels about this?! I don't care if scientists have detected signs of hydrogen in the past. And I also don't care if the blast will kick up 350 metric tons of debris, letting the trailing satellite cameras analyse the mess for signs of water—the Moon will be in PAIN!!!

Luckily, the satellite isn't scheduled to reach the moon until October 8, giving us about 4 months to round up some space lasers to stop this act of cruelty. I am truly a person for the ethical treatment of the Moon. [NASA via SJ Mercury News via Slashdot]


    Gizmodo guys & gals - it's been commented on before regarding the new format, but is it possible to increase the size of the pictures when going to the full article. I can barely read the "quirk" in this picture. The ads however are super-duper easy to read though :p

      Protip: Firefox with Ad blocker plus.. then right click the image and select "View image" if you want to see it full size..

    Haven't they seen the Time Machine?

    The whole new format is a bit 'small', athe large RHS column seems to be totally wasted space.

    Now, who wants to form ELO? (Ethical Lunar Organisation)

    LOL this reminds me of a flash cartoon called "Rambo's war on terror"
    basically Osama Bin Laden wanted to blow up the moon! :O

    Yeah it says

    "Come one guys, that really hurt, owowowow

    I'm also very insanely disturbed about this. The first thing that came to mind after reading this article was the movie "the time machine" (as wil said).

    I know it probably won't hurt, but for some weird reason, i am actually a little worried about this. Would we be able to see the explosion from the earth? If no one knows what i am talking about, watch the movie. It's somewhere in the middle where he travels to different times

    Que complaint from PETAB (People for Ethical Treatment of Astronomical Bodies).
    [on topic] it's good to see exploration in he neighbourhood again, maybe the dream of a moon colony is that little bit closer!

    NASA's initiative sounds stupid. 75% of earth is covered by water (albeit salty). I think it takes less resources to purify the sea water than to spend tax payer's money on questionable scientific fantasies.

    We already messed up mother earth, and don't fully understand how the moon's orbit and earth's around the sun hand in in intricate gravitational balance. The fact we messed up our own earth tells us we don't even understand our own backyard, let alone try to do silly things that may threaten future generations. The explosion, however small in the grand scheme of things may cause a chain of events that spell doom for earth. For goodness sake, someone please do something to those tunnel minded leaders to make them focus their knowledge to things that matter and are urgent. Stop wasting tax payer's money.

      That's what i thought mate. What if things go wrong. Like i said on another forum, i'm no astronomist or physicist, but anyone with half a brain could explain how this could go wrong. What if we knock the orbit off? we don't know how precise it is... i may be wrong, but if sh*t hits the fan, then we lose the moon. And we all know what happens if we lose the moon...

      1. pitch black night
      2. no waves
      3. earth would slowly move out of the sun's orbit
      4. stories of the "moon" would have absolutely no meaning to future generations - if there are any.

      The americans should stop acting all high and mighty. After all, they were the 1st ones to jump to the ceiling when north korea started its own nuclear testing. They are their own worst enemies.

        I agree with everything you said, I just wanted to let you know though as an American, Please don't think we all think we're high and mighty..I agree that our Gov't and Scientists and ppl of so called POWER DO think this way, but most of the average ppl are not like that at all. We protest the stupid, moronic, thoughtless things that go on here, and believe me..usually nothing gets done. Its a power struggle and the little ppl don't count for what their life is worth. Which right now is nothing. We get to be the pawns.
        I can't speak for all Americans because most do suck, but in parts of the country we're good ppl.

    Fricken seppos seem to think that they own the moon now. I'm a bit pissed about this.

    A small rocket will not have anything near the impact of the thousands of meteorites that have already struck the moon. But still, this is pointless. What's their intent? Is it worth billions to find a puddle? Do they plan on selling a couple of bottles of moon spring water for $4 billion each to cover costs?

      It is totally pointless I agree.

    I am wondering what kind of MORONS work at NASA now, Hello???? Moon..Gravity on Earth. The tides, possible destruction of Earth, I mean anything is possible and really do we need water from the moon? Do we really need anything from outer space? I think not. I love the quote from Jurassic Park and I think it applies here, "The Scientists were so busy wondering if they could to stop and think if they should"..I can't remember the exact words but you get the gist. Come on people, if we keep letting them do these things they will literally destroy all of us. I just think they are absolutely stupid with no COMMON SENSE what so ever.

    god dam it man my grandmother woke me up and told me and that they did it Fudge man i giot scared cause the moon protects us from the sun damn ....

    Did you guys know that if the moon is gone/blown away humanity will die?

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