More Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 Pictures Surface, Show Windows Mobile 6.5, Strange New Keyboard

You'd be forgiven for doubting, or at least being disappointed with, the first blurry shots of the Xperia X2, Sony Ericsson's rumoured followup to the pricey-but-pretty X1. Today, we get a much better look.

The first thing that jumps out here, aside from the phone's tastefully designed brushed aluminium shell, is Windows Mobile 6.5's finger-friendly visage: indication—though not confirmation—that this'll be one of the first wave of major 6.5 handsets, alongside previously-announced hardware from HTC. But above all, this means no Android, probably. Oh well!

The keyboard has a distinctive look too, bearing more resemblance to a full-size PC keyboard than a mobile phone keypad. Hopefully the changes are strictly aesthetic, seeing as the previous model's keypad was one of its strongest points. Sadly, the original source isn't saying a whole lot about his device beyond what we can observe for ourselves, so for now, we simply gaze. [jjlifeblog via BGR]

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