Logitech Harmony Adapter For PS3 Available In Australia End Of June

Logitech Harmony adapter for PS3All hail Logitech! For they have answered our prayers by releasing their Harmony adapter for PS3 in Australia. At least, they will at the end of June.

The downside is the price. $100 for the privelage of being able to control your PS3 via a universal remote. Sure the hardware involved needs to be pretty special – it's got to have both Bluetooth and IR after all – but I can't help but feel that Logitech is making a little bit too much profit off this.

I suppose I shouldn't complain too much though – the number of times I've thought my Harmony 525 was busted because it wouldn't pause a Blu-ray in my PS3 before realising my idiocy is so worth $100 paying for.


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