Koenigsegg's "Solar Sportscar" Could Be Speeding Past You Soon

The Koenigsegg Quant, an impressive Batmobile-styled solar sportscar, could soon be going into production.

When we first saw it earlier this year, we feared it could be just another prototype which never made in into production. But now an insider at the Swiss car manufacturer has told a Swedish newspaper they are set to start making them, albeit in limited numbers.

Koenigsegg, who are in talks to buy Saab from GM, say the car has 512hp and can speed from 0-100 in 5.2 seconds. It features a thin solar coating on the bodywork to top up power and can be charged (in a more conventional way) within 20 minutes. There is no word on price but suffice to say you won't be able to afford one. [RegHardware]

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