Just $US1200 Stands Between You And Death By Jet Bike

Last year, we raved about a crazy/genius pulsejet engine bicycle builder named Robert Maddox. Now you can buy his biggest and baddest engine on eBay.

This twin engine produces 100lbs of thrust by burning a mix of gasoline and kerosene—no need for jet fuel. Consisting of two 23kg engines that can each reportedly thrust a bike forward at 120kph, nothing but trouble can await those who install this twice-as-powerful, 140 decibel engine that glows "red hot" while burning 1.5 gallons of fuel per mile.

Buy your pulsejet engine now on eBay for $US1200, or make a lowball offer and spend the rest on life insurance. You really can't go wrong. [eBay via OregonLive via Gizmowatch]

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