iWorld Hits Us With iPhone 3GS Peripherals Galore

iWorld Hits Us With iPhone 3GS Peripherals Galore
dca001The final layer of fanboy enthusiasm lacquer hadn’t even dried before iWorld Australia announced a new range of peripherals for the iPhone 3GS yesterday. While there’s way too many products to list, here are some of the more enticing ones:

Dexim 1000Ma iPod & iPhone Battery Backup, $70 (pictured above)
I never leave home without a portable iPhone charger, and despite Apple’s promise of better battery life for the 3GS, I can’t help but think a device that supports 7.2HSPA and has twice as powerful a processor will need even more juice to get through a full day.

Dexim Dual Charger
Dexim Dual Charger, $60
Sure, the 3GS now has 32GB worth of storage, which might be enough for your entire music catalog, but if not, you may want to charge your old iPod Classic as well. This lets you charge both quickly and easily.

iLuv Dual alarm clock
iLuv Dual Clock Radio, $250
Like the Dexim dual charger, except with a clock radio built in. I can’t say I’m a fan of the blue display – I reckon it would be way too bright of a nighttime, but I do like the idea of charging a couple of iPods/iPhones at the same time with a clock radio in a single device.

iLuv Bluetooth Hands-Free car Kit with FM Transmitter, $200
It’s an FM transmitter, but also doubles as a hands-free carkit for your iPhone. It’s a simple, yet obvious combination of products that could be useful for so many iPhone users, even if it is a little pricey.