iPhone 3G 2009 Shows Up at Dutch T-Mobile Site

Looks like T-Mobile's Dutch site listed the new iPhone 3G 2009 models just a few days before their announcement this Monday. The site lists a 32GB model, which is no surprise, and also one with the notation "NTB." Mysterious!

This looks pretty real to us; we all know the iPhone's storage capacity is going to get a needed bump to 32GB. According to the site, it'll be available in both black and white, and in 16/32GB capacities, but there's also a listing for "iPhone 2009 (NTB)," which is a mystery to us. It's the only one to include neither colour nor capacity next to its name, so we're still in the dark about what that might mean.

The prior versions of the iPhone (listed as 2G and 3G) remain in the list, along with one called "iPhone 3G 8GB V2," which is also new to us. Could this be the rumoured $US99 iPhone? We'll have to wait two more days to find out.

[iPhone Club, translated from Dutch. Thanks, Berkan and Akin!]

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