iPhone 3.0 Tethering Working On Vodafone, Not Optus Or Telstra

voda-tetheringNow that a good chunk of the 40 million iPhone owners around the world have upgraded to iPhone 3.0 software, we're hearing local reports that internet tethering is working for Aussie Vodafone customers, but not Telstra or Optus ones. Typical.

To be fair, Telstra haven't said one way or the other that they'll support (or not support) internet tethering for the iPhone, while we sort of expected Optus to charge us a bit extra considering all the evidence has pointed that way. So really, the real winners here are Voda iPhone customers. They get both Visual Voicemail and internet tethering without having to do anything, or paying any extra.

It looks like Vodafone wins this round...

[Thanks Jono]

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