Intel WiMax Display Shows Lovely MID Streaming Video Across Computex

intel wimax.jpgWithin seconds of hitting the show floor at Computex, I was drawn to the flock of photographers surrounding this Intel BB and her MID. It's actually a pretty persuasive argument for WiMax.The MID - a rather generic Korean device running an Atom processor - is wired up to a small digital camera in the top left pocket of the model's outfit. The camera records video of whatever it sees (in the case of Computex, dozens of pervy photographers) pushes it through to the MID which then transmits the video over WiMax to the Intel booth down the hall (about 20-30 metres away). Intel Wimax2.jpg Checking out the stream from the other end, the video stream was pretty fluid, although the resolution was very average, which I assume would be more to do with the camera being used than the WiMax signal.

The potential uses for this in terms of home security, as well as law enforcement, are pretty awesome. It's just a pity that Australia doesn't really have a WiMax network worth discussing at the moment...

[Giz @ Computex]

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