InnoDisk's 128 GB NanoSSD Is The Size Of A Matchbox, Zips Around

The InnoDisk NanoSSD amazingly packs 128-gigabytes of storage into a form factor not much bigger than a matchbox. And to top it off, InnoDisk claimes the drive still reads and writes at around 150 MB/s. Wow.

As part of the testing process, InnoDisk says they test the NanoSSD by hitting it with 20 Gs of of "accelerative force" while plugged into a motherboard, and TweakTown says it's designed to survive this. There's been no mention of when this will be available, and I'm sure you'll have to sell a couple of your kids into slavery to afford this thing. But it totally looks worth it. [TweakTown via Technabob]

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