Hello! There Are More Than Just IPhones In This Universe!

The spotlight this week may be pointed at the iPhone 3GS—and with good reason—but it's not the only flavour of smartphone ice cream. Here's a quick path to more info about all smartphones (and no dumb ones!)

• The four big carriers, the four best smartphone platforms, the best information your going to get on the subject anywhere: Smartphone Buyer's Guide: The Best of the Best

• Got a few smartphones already in mind? We probably reviewed them: Palm Pre (WebOS) iPhone 3GS BlackBerry Bold BlackBerry Storm T-Mobile G1 (Android) T-Mobile myTouch 3G (Android) Samsung Omnia (WinMo) Note: There's no Nokia Symbian smartphone on this list because at the moment in the US, there's no handset we feel confident to recommend.

• Since surfing the web is one of the biggest reasons to choose a smartphone—and one of the biggest differentiators between smartphones—it's worth it to glance over the Mobile Browser Battlemodo, and its little sister, the Windows Mobile Browser Battlemodo.

• If you've already whittled it down to Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3GS, check out our roundup of reviews and news stories for each: Pre vs. 3GS: How To Make the Right Decision. Or you could just skip to this sweet flowchart.

• OK, OK, so you're set on that durned iPhone, but which one? The $US99 3G? Or $US199 step-up 3GS? $US100 is a lot to think about (even if it amounts to less than two months of actual service): 3GS vs 3G Feature Chart Comparison

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