Heli Mission SWAT Truck Makes Being Old Sting Even Worse

It's June, and most of us reading this post are stuck at work instead of wasting a summer vacation away with lemonade and the dreaded "playing outside." And to make matters worse, there's the ridiculously cool Heli Mission SWAT Truck.

This thing is an R/C truck that can launch a freakin' autopilot helicopter. Can you even wrap your head around that phenomenon? It'd be like if your home had some mechanical port that opened with an remote, unleashing or storing your car (or maybe even two cars!) at will.

But alas, it's made for stupid kids. And those stupid kids probably don't even have the $US100 to buy the Heli Mission SWAT Truck this July because they don't have stupid jobs. [Go! Radio Control via Toyology via OhGizmo!]

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