Google Voice To Get More Amazing By Letting You Port Your Number

If you call Jason, his iPhone, Pre, Ion and pants all ring because he has Google Voice. The service's biggest downside is that you have a new number to deal with—but TechCrunch says number porting is coming.

That means you'll be able to port the phone number you've had for 5 or 10 or 100 years to Google Voice and use whatever phone you want, whenever you want, on whatever carrier you want, with your current number—meaning you'll never have to worry about your phone number again. Right now, you can kinda hack it by forwarding calls from your current number to your Google Voice number, but you're stuck with pitfalls like texts not being forwarded. Google's also got an app cooking that'll route outbound calls through Google Voice as well, so the service is more seamless—currently, your outbound caller ID is whatever's actually assigned to the phone you're using.

I have to say, it's been interesting watching carriers become more and more irrelevant over the last two years. Their fears of becoming a "dumb pipe" are certainly coming true, and cutting the core of your mobile identity—your phone number—completely out of their hands has to be at least a little bit scary for them.

Now if Google would just solve GV's other major flaw—actually letting people (AU: Like all of Australia) in. [TechCrunch]



    I have been using YAC. Co.UK for about ten years. My familly in the UK dial my YAC mobile and it redirects pretty much anywhere in the worl, the interface allows for four phone numbers to be dialled sequentially and has voicemail and fax. I have been waiting for somthing locally so will check the google app out.

    I can just see Telstra 'enabling' that feature on their network.

    AFAIK, the US doesn't have the same inter-carrier termination fee arrangement that most other western nation's telcos do. It's this fee arrangement that makes it very hard for a third party, even one with the resources and clout of Google, to enter the market with a product designed specifically to remove the carriers from the equation - or, at least, distance the carriers from the customer.

    Telstra, and to a lesser extent, Optus and Vodafone, have worked very hard to appear like the customer's best friend. A supportive busines partner providing innovative services at prices that are simply too good to be true. As everyone knows, the prices when compared to the rest of the world are a shameless rip-off of monumental proportions, but whilst the consumer maintains the bent-over lubed-up position, nothing's going to change.

    I wish Google all the best with GV - I'd love to see it in Oz - but I imagine hell will freeze over (or Kevin Rudd admit he's a power-hungry wanker) before that'll happen.

      I have to admit that Dan is correct (especially the Rudd bit) The telco's have too much too lose. I am on NDSL and would not ever think of going back to paying for a line that I don't use, don't want, and especially can get the same services (ie phone calls, internet) for free (the phone calls at least) over NDSL. They have outdated models, treat their loyal customers with contempt by not providing innovation, and have no foresight of the future.

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