Gizmodo's Snow Leopard Coverage Roundup

You're read the rumors. And you've perused the iPhone OS 3.0 roundup. But how about Snow Leopard? Time to give the cat some love:

For one thing, the general purpose computing on graphics processor chips (GPGPU for short) could very well melt your entire face off into a puddle of pathetic all over your razor thing Apple keyboard.

For another thing, there's this 64-bit business. Bandied about by marketing types for years, the tech is legit in Snow Leopard, and we explain why you should give a hoot in our lovable Giz Explains series.

Also on the cool front is this confirmed feature regarding the front-end. Basically, with Snow Leopard the HFS+ drivers will let you access a Mac's files from Windows while in Boot Camp. Multiple OS's? Totally seamless.

Sort of confirmed, sort of up on the air (but going strong): MacBook 3G support is built into Snow Leopard.

Oh, and screen recording is making a triumphant return with Snow Leopard's Quicktime Player.

Of course, questions become answers when WWDC '09 begins in earnest tomorrow.

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