Giz AU Coming Live From Computex 2009 This Week

Computex.JPGBy the time you guys read this, I'll be soaring over Australia on QF 127 to Hong Kong on my way to Computex in Taipei. Who wants Duty Free booze?Computex this year looks like it's going to be pretty exciting, at least as far as gadgets go (Taipei the city isn't exactly the most exciting place I've ever visited). I'll be travelling on Intel's coin, so expect a fair amount of Intel coverage over the next week or so - it's only fair, really. But I'll also be doing my best to visit as many other exhibitors as I can to bring you guys the best possible Computex news you'd ever hope to experience.

So, aside from booth babes, is there anything you're expecting to be big news from Computex in 2009?

[Computex 2009]

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