Full HD Video Recording Coming To A Mobile Phone Near You

Most mobile phones can't even do 720p yet, but Omnivision is already sampling a new 1.75-micron sensor that will allow slim handsets to record at 30 frames per second in Full HD, 1080p. According to them, it gets even better:

The OV5653, based on the company's latest 1.75-micron OmniBSI technology, delivers low-light sensitivity of >1400mV/(lux-sec) – a 40% improvement over frontside illumination technology – and a two times improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (< 70lux), according to OmniVision. The OV5653 enables 720p recording at 60 fps and full HD 1080p at 30 fps, making it ideal for both 5-megapixel DSCs and DVs, according to the company.

So not only they have achieved 720p 60fps and 1080p at 30fps, but their OV5653 and OV5650 parts also have better sensibility and two times less signal-to-noise ration. Not bad at all. [Digitimes via Into Mobile]

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