Flexible OLED Bracelet Looks Like Something We've Seen Before...

We told you flexible OLED displays were really coming now, complexity be damned, and this wearable one for your wrist is another example of why we're totally right.

Taking its design queues from Dick Tracy, Fallout 3, Predator and countless sci-fi flicks from the past couple of decades, the OLED bracelet is the result of a collaborative effort between LG and flexible OLED manufacturer Universal Display.

As for specs, the 4-inch OLED display can handle 1.67 million colours and weighs 8g. The super svelte screen is 0.3mm thick.

And sorry, it's a prototype, on display at the SID Display Week 2009, so your post-Apocalyptic fantasies will have to wait. [Tech-On via CrunchGear]

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