EzRead: For Old People, But Marketed Toward Kids?

Welcome to the future, where everyone is dumb and reality has surpassed fiction once again. This time, maximum levels of idiocy have been reached with the $US100 ezRead, a scanner that connects to your television. This is what it does:

Cooler than books on tape and way more fun than subtitles, the ezRead transforms your reading material into televised material.

What? Cooler than books on tape? More fun than movies with subtitles? This is surreal. That alone is enough to smack whoever wrote this sales pitch.

Of course, people with serious sight problems can connect this to a huge TV to read books and drugs prescriptions—like they say at the end of their product description. But how many of this limited set people have a huge TV? And would they be willing to use this instead of just grabbing a large, perhaps cheaper magnifying glass?

I'm afraid the ezRead is just one of those devices who overuse technology to cater to an extremely limited market that already have their needs covered with low-tech solutions. But everyone's getting old, including the technologically inclined, so there may be a market for this. [Scientific Online via Red Ferret]

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