Entertainment Geekly: Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray!

Entertainment Geekly: <em>Ghostbusters</em> on Blu-Ray!

ghostbusters blurayNext week, Ghostbusters is being released on Blu-ray. You should definitely buy it.
It’s being released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film, as well as tie in with the release of the new Ghostbusters video game.

The first thing that struck me when watching the movie is just how good it looks for a 25 year old film. I’ve watched some older films on Blu-ray before and been disappointed with the video quality, but Ghostbusters looks fantastic. Especially when you compare it to some of the deleted scenes which run at a VHS-like 480p. Sure, the special effects are still 80s-bad, but that’s half the allure – remember what happened when Lucas went back and tinkered with Star Wars?

The special features are fairly typical of any film these days plus some trailers for the new game, although you can select a playlist of special features to pick and choose what you want to watch. There’s also BD-Live functionality, although it offers nothing more than access to Sony’s BD-Live page, which offers trailers and asks you to suggest BD-Live features.

But ultimately it’s the ability to watch one of the all-time classic films in HD that makes this really appealing. Slimer never looked so good.

The film hits shelves June 17.