Electrolux Kitchen Designs Have Travelled From The Future

Electrolux Kitchen Designs Have Travelled From The Future

rendez-vousThese new kitchen concept designs from Electrolux literally look like they’re from the future. Man, I wish time travel was possible…

The Rendez Vous (pictured above) is an all-in-one dining table and kitchen. Not only do you sit around to eat your meals, but you can charge your mobile phone just by popping it on the table, or activate kitchen appliances like a blender or toaster oven the same way. Throw on an induction pan, and you can cook right there on the table, with advanced sensors supplying heat to wherever you place the pan, rather than having dedicated zones for cooking. Underneath the table there are modular drawers to store any manner of appliances, including a fridge, while a virtual chef will guide you through the cooking process.

Meanwhile, the Volare design is “an entire kitchen tucked away in an illuminated piece of art”. It features touch sensitive controls, can fold out to become an induction stovetop, can dispense ice and has customisable functions.

Both designs look fantastic, but it’s important to remember that they’re concept designs, which means the chances of us actually seeing them in our lifetime is as good as convincing Tetsuya to be your personal chef. Still, If they did exist, I’d be planning a kitchen renovation right about now…

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