Dubiously Named Inflatable 'Speed' Boat Navigates Pools At Blistering 3.2KPH

Let me save you $US100 with a tip. The wind, old as time and completely free, will push your kid around the pool on a rubber raft faster than this inflatable speedboat.

Plus, the wind doesn't require huge expensive D batteries, of which this inflatable cash sink requires eight.

The wind also dissipates eventually, takes up no room in your garage, and won't pop or become mangled when your kid—innocent and adorable, yes, but naive as fuck—tries to use this thing on the lawn when he gets bored in the pool.

Still not convinced? The 360 degree movement, all at a neck-breaking 3.2kph, is too much to pass up? OK, then, purchase away. Just be sure to send us a picture of the thing in six months when it's stuffed in a closet next to your Snuggie collection. [Cooolest Gadgets]

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