Could The iPhone Be Coming To Three? (UPDATED!)

Could The iPhone Be Coming To Three? (UPDATED!)
three-iphone-urlWith the Vodafone Hutchison merger all approved and whatnot, the big question now is whether or not Three will be getting their great-valued hands on the iPhone. And eagle-eyed tipster Ryan reckons it might be a possibility, with certain hints from 3’s website.

If you direct your browser to, you’ll get a big error page. That is, until you look at the new URL:

What does this mean? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. Notice that it’s just the ‘iPhone 3G’ in the URL – it would make a lot of sense for the new VHA entity to launch the old iPhone 3G on 3’s cheaper network, along with some decent data bundles, to grab all those people not springing for the 3GS on Vodafone.

Obviously, we’ve got our fingers crossed for 3 to finally get their hands on the iPhone – it would be a huge win for consumers, especially with a decent X-series type plan. We’ll let you know if we hear anything official like…

UPDATE: This is the problem with approaching companies for comment on rumours – after I asked Three to comment, they told me they’d “look into it”. End result is that they change the site so that now redirects to the Three homepage. Whether this means we were onto something or whether it means they don’t want to get your hopes up is for you to decide…

[Three – Thanks Ryan!]