Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

 src=Sorry the wrap is a little late this morning – that Steve Jobs feature literally took me 45 minutes to edit…

HTC Debuts Hero, With Fresh “Sense” Face For Android
Yay! More Android! And here’s a hands on

Naildrive Hits 16GB
That’s tiny!

Giant Wraparound Screen Shows Air Traffic In Real-Time
Probably a little impractical…

Bill Gates Applies For Patent On High Tech Keg
Another reason to love Bill Gates. Ballmer couldn’t do this.

Sharp LCD TVs, Monitors Banned From Import Into The US
I wonder what the patent is, considering Sharp makes the panels for a lot of other LCD screens…

The Life Of Steve Jobs – So Far
It’s long and detailed, but well worth the read.