Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Breakfast RollAcer Rumoured To Release Laptop With 3D Display In Stores By October
Sorry, but 3D without glasses is still years away from being watchable.

Apple’s Huge, Throbbing Wall Of IPhone Apps
This would be much cooler if it was in real time…

Apple’s IDisk IPhone App Lets MobileMe Users View And Send Documents, Videos, And More
Would be better if I didn’t need to drop $120 for MobileMe…

Lucky Lady Marries Guy Who Was Waiting In Palm Pre Line 15 Minutes Before Wedding
I hope she got to keep the Pre…

IPhone OS 3.0 Now Available In Torrent
For those of you who can’t wait a week for the official release…

When Pro Doesn’t Mean Pro Anymore
I look at it a different way – They’re “pro” in the way they sell their bodies to random strangers.