Blockquote: Would A Sub $US10,000 Zero-Emissions Car Be The Greatest Consumer Gadget Ever?

Speaking at the Wired Business Conference in NYC, Shai Agassi, the founder of green transportation company Better Place, made a bold statement about what he felt would be the greatest consumer electronics device in history.

From WiredBiz's twitter feed:

A sub $US10,000, zero-emissions car will be the most desirable consumer electronics device in history.

Apparently, the quote came up while discussing Tesla with founder Elon Musk. When asked how he is reacting to the Detroit meltdown, Wired editor Chris Anderson noted in his twitter feed that Musk would like to buy a car factory and build 100,000 cars a year. That having been said, do you agree or disagree with Agassi's assessment?



    Stuff cars... where's our personal Star Trek transporters??

    While it might not be the most desirable consumer electronics device in history, it would at least be a step in the right direction.

    I think that what Shia Agassi is doing is one of the most important things that any1 is doing right now, he is getting the job done! i cant wait for this to get going in melbourne next year.
    Check out the web site!

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